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Samsung and Microsoft shows off their Windows Phone 8 offering – The ATIV S

This is something I have been waiting for since Microsoft announce the new version of Windows Phone – the first WP8 device! And this one comes from Samsung; the ATIV S. The ATIV S looks pretty sweet. It looks to be made of metal, something rarely seen from Samsung(and with how this looks I have to wonder why we don’t). …

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First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy SIII(T-Mobile)

      The Galaxy SIII has made its way to the US. Not only has it made its way here but it has manages to make its way to every US major US carrier around the same time frame.  This is no small task; especially looking at how the manufacturer/carrier relationship normally goes. The good folks at T-Mobile were gracious enough to allow …

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The new Samsung Galaxy S II phones goes bigger, adds LTE, & high def

    Just when you think your news Samsung Galaxy S II is the newest and best Samsung around the company drops a bomb on you. The newest Galaxy S II models; the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy S II HD LTE.   The Galaxy S II LTE will be the first LTE phone for the Korean market. …

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