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Exactly how many hours do you have to work to pay for an iPhone?

  Smartphones are not cheap. Time is another one of those things that aren’t cheap. Ever wonder how many hours you have to spend to get the latest and greatest iPhone? I can honestly say I have been. But it wasn’t until I got an email for Linio; a Latin America retailer; and Rocket Internet looking at how many hours one …

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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is now official – and then there are those AirPods…

So the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have be made official. Same price as the current gens at release(of course). But this time we will have 5 color options including a pretty cool looking Jet Black. The storage has been upgraded to 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. That was a much-needed move since the camera has been improved. They are sticking …

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Unboxing the Hermes Single Tour Apple Watch Band

    Hermes is a brand known for luxury, quality leather goods. So when Apple and the French company originally announced their collaboration it made a lot of sense. The two companies released three different types of special Apple Watches featuring Hermes made bands and custom watch faces(as well as Apple/Hermes co-branding on the back). But the news did leave some …

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Apple, the FBI, and why George Carlin had it right all along

By now you have probably heard all about what the US government is asking of Apple and that the company is refusing to comply with their request. You may have an opinion either siding with the government or with Apple in the case. It is important to start with saying that there is no bad guy in this situation as …

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Apple, Taylor Swift, and why this reversal is really a slap in the face

The bad blood between Apple and Taylor Swift is through. But with it Apple just showed how they really feel about those indie artist they claim to want to help.

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Apple totally forgot to mention the best new feature of watchOS 2.0

   Yesterday Apple’s WWDC Keynote highlighted all of the new features coming to Apple devices this fall. But they forgot to mention one of the best improvements to the Apple Watch and watchOS. Right now, if someone steals your Apple Watch –or you have friends who love to mess with you–  they can simple wipe all of your info from …

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Quick Bit: ApplePay heads to the skies thanks to JetBlue

Image via NBC Contactless payment has a little ways to go before it becomes the norm. But with Apple now in the game it has more stream behind it. Case in point; starting in the coming weeks JetBlue will start accepting ApplePay. That means you will be able to use your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on participating flights. You …

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iPhone 6 Plus, Bendgate, and why even though it’s bad this is all good for Apple

AT&T iPhone 6 Plus

By now you have all probably heard about Bendgate. No, this is not the latest political scandal. It’s the latest tech one! After Apple releases there is normally some issue that is somehow made into a catastrophe. When in all reality it is only a catastrophe to the iPhone owners affected. Bendgate is the clever name given to the issue …

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How I spend my iPhone Friday

  So another Apple iPhone launch has come and gone. Some camped out for days in front of a glass cube. While other camped out in front of their door checking every passing truck hoping for the one with their new phone. Me? I spent the day in Boston checking for the pandemonium and getting some hands-on time with the …

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How To – Block Unwanted Callers and Get Some Peace & Quiet

How to block unwanted callers

  Sometimes it’s an ex lovers, other it’s that annoying telemarketer, and agian there are those times you just need a few hours of peace. You and your phone aren’t allows on the same page went it comes to the words “leave me alone.” So lets see what we can do to get you the peace you want from those unwanted …

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iOS 8 brings some features that should please both end-users and developers

  Today kicked off this years Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple is known for showing off some of things consumers have to look forward to in the fall. And today was no different. iOS 8 looks to added some much needed integration and cool functionally for those living within the Apple ecosystem. First lets talk about the added benefits from those …

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Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Which one should be in your pocket?

  When it comes to the fight or the space in your pocket it tends to normally boil down to two mobile operating systems; Android or iOS. The antipathy of this battle has quickly become between Samsung and Apple. These are two titans in the mobile space. They are well known for their ongoing battle in the courtroom but what …

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