AT&T’s dual-core monster gets a official release date. Warn the villagers!!

AT&T has officially given the release date for the Motorola Atrix 4G. On February 22nd customers will be able to get their hands on AT&T newest device with some beastly specs. Powered by NVIDIA’s 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 CPU this phone have 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory(expandable to 32GB with a Micro SD card) a 4 inch qHD (540 x 960) display, a 5 megapixel …

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Virgin Mobile gives approximate date for Intercept’s Froyo Update


So today about 30 minute ago Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept owners got some great news. From their Facebook page, Virgin Mobile announced that the Froyo update will be released around the 25th of March.This is good new for anyone waiting on some frozen sweetness for their Intercept. The Sprint version received their taste a few months back and since then Virgin …

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Verizon announces THEIR official price for the Motorola Xoom

So a few days ago Best Buy shocked a lot of people with the price the listed for the Motorola Xoom. But like I wrote, the price Best Buy listed was not the retail price but their retail price. Today Verizon released the unsubsidized price for this Honeycomb toting tablet. If you aren’t looking to sign a contract the Xoom …

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HTC unloads a barrage of Android Goodness


Today HTC announced a slew of Android devices today. It looks like HTC will once again have a wide range of devices of every price range. It also looks like AT&T is really serious this year about having a wide array of Android devices for is customers to choose from. Being released in Europe/Asia markets in Q2 and AT&T later …

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The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is coming out on February 23rd

T-Mobile released the price an release date for its newest 4G device. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G will be its third phone able to take advantage of is HSPA+ network. Though the phone have a lot in common with T-Mobile’s Vibrant Galaxy S phone they decided to stay away from naming is the Vibrant 4G. With the only known difference …

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Sony Ericsson’s New Android Lineup

So today Sony Ericsson have unveiled there new Android Line up including the Xperia Neo, Pro, and of course the highly anticipated Xperia Play Playstation Phone. The Xperia Neo will featured a 3.7 inch screen with a 854 x 480 resolution using the Sony Bravia Mobile engine. Under the hood(or battery door, whatever you want to call it) is a …

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Nokia + Windows Phone 7 = Match made in Tech Heaven


Is anyone else excited to hear that Nokia will be making a Windows Phone 7 device? I know I am. Nokia,  despite their slipping sales numbers, are one of the most trusted phone manufactures in the world. But with the rise of Apple and Android and their stronghold on the market they haven’t been able to get as much love …

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Why you may want to watch MetroPCS this year


Prepaid cell phones. In the last few year this part of the industry has gone from a last alternative for those who really want a phone but can’t afford to sign a contact to the only way some consumers will go. With better price plans and decent phones prepaid carriers have seen a boost in the last few years. From …

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Getting YouTube on the Motorola i1

When I got the Motorola i1 I was a little confused about the fact it lacked a YouTube app. I contacted both Boost Mobile and Motorola about it and both told me there was not plan to add the app to the phone. So I took it upon myself to add the app and decided to share how with everyone.

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