Live Blog: Samsung Galaxy Premiere from Madison Square Garden


Hey everyone! Tonight I will be comes to you live from Samsung’s Galaxy Premiere Event from Madison Square Garden. What are we expecting to see tonight? Tablets seems to be focus this time around but who know. The event starts at 7:00 PM EST so check back here for all the fun!            

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Galaxy S5 S Charger Cover Review

Galaxy S5 S Charger Cover - Wireless Charging for the GS5

In typical fashion — for Samsung and most phone makers — in order to get the best experience out of your new phone or tablet you may have to part with a little more money. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5 there are a few things you can pick up to make your experience better. This time around …

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iOS 8 brings some features that should please both end-users and developers


  Today kicked off this years Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple is known for showing off some of things consumers have to look forward to in the fall. And today was no different. iOS 8 looks to added some much needed integration and cool functionally for those living within the Apple ecosystem. First lets talk about the added benefits from those …

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Suprise! Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Active joins AT&T starting today!

Galaxy S5 Active on AT&T

  To say that I’m surprised that there is a Galaxy S5 Active would be disingenuous. I mean, there has been plenty of leaks and rumors about the slightly more rugged version of the Galaxy S5. But what does comes as a surprise is that starting today you can pick one up at your nearest AT&T store and online. Did …

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Uber to come preloaded on AT&T phones starting this summer


Uber is a pretty useful app. When traveling it comes in handy to quickly be able to find a ride somewhere. It is a growing business and it looks like it is growing even more. Uber and AT&T announced that they have partners up. Starting this summer all AT&T phone will come with the Uber app preloaded. To some customers this …

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Asus PadFone X makes its debut on AT&T June 6th


  The Asus PadFone line has always fascinated me. But it is not an easy phone to come by in the states. But starting June 6th that will all change thanks to AT&T! The carrier announced in January that the line would be making its US debut this year with the PadFone X. The phone sports a full high-def 5 …

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LG makes the G3 offical; though with no release date


  After weeks of leaks LG has finally made it offical, the G3 is on its way. The G3 takes steps forwards from last years G2 but keeps some thing the same. And depending on who you are that can be a good or bad thing. The keys are still on the rear. And thought I quite enjoyed that from …

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Verizon launches their XLTE service; host of cities already can benefit


Verizon has officially launched their enhanced LTE service called XLTE. The improvements are thanks to their newly acquired AWS spectrum. The spectrum is used to improve speeds on both the down and up link. And the better news is not only is this live now in a host of markets but there are plenty of devices that can already use …

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HTC One Mini 2 updates the Mini with some M8 styling


  The HTC One M8 is without doubt a great looking phone. So why wouldn’t HTC want to carry over some of that styling when they updated the HTC One Mini. The One Mini 2 sports a scaled down M8 body but slightly beefs up the specs from last years One Mini. The screen is just a little larger at …

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Moto E offers latest software at an unbelievable low price


Just when you thought  the Moto G was as good as an no-contract device could get in a price/quality comparison it seems like the new owners of Motorola is looking to outdo the company’s previous hit mark.  The Moto E may no sport the latest and greatest specs but it makes up for it by looking to offer great quality …

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LG Volt adds some Spark to Virgin and Boost Mobile’s lineup


  Today LG announced a new phone hitting both Boost and Virgin Mobile; the LG Volt. The phone sports some interesting specs and a price that will not break the bank. It sports a 4.7 inch qHD IPS display covered in Gorilla Glass 2. Inside is a 1.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 400 SoC paired with 1GB of RAM. For storage …

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Sprint will start to throttle heavy data users in most congested markets


  It was good while it lasted. But thanks to what they are saying is  congestion issues Sprint’s unlimited LTE plans will soon be a little less speedy for some users. The carrier announced that soon they will have to start throttling the top 5% of there data users. This will include both pre and post paid customers. Sprint says they …

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