Moto 360 Review


A watch that does more than tell time. That has been the dream of many geeks for decades. Google is looking to makes Android Wear the answer. And the Moto 360 looks to be the most compelling offering for it so far. But is it really the one to make the smart watch and Android Wear more than another cool geekccessory?

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Quick Bit: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus coming to Consumer Cellular


  With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus already out on the major four carriers many may have wondered when the other players in the game would be releasing them. Today we have news from an unexpected carrier –Consumer Cellular. The only carrier backed  by AARP has officially announced they will be carrying both of Apple’s new phones starting September 26. …

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How I spend my iPhone Friday


  So another Apple iPhone launch has come and gone. Some camped out for days in front of a glass cube. While other camped out in front of their door checking every passing truck hoping for the one with their new phone. Me? I spent the day in Boston checking for the pandemonium and getting some hands-on time with the …

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Galaxy Note 4 pre-order starts for AT&T and Verizon

  If you were looking to get Samsung’s latest phablet then this news is for you. Today two of the big four have opened up pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 4. If you were eyeing the Note Edge you will probably have to wait a bit longer as no carrier has announced when that one will be available. But here is …

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Moto 360 First Impressions


After a not-so-fun wait I finally have had the Moto 360 on my wrist. Motorola spent months teasing us about it and then very quickly launched it on September 5th. And just as quickly the watch sold out. The interest in the first round Android Wear watch was very high.  I said at the end of last year that wearable tech …

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So about those Motorola batteries…


After iFixit did their teardown of the Moto 360 and noted the listed battery capacity was not the capacity written on the battery the tech geeks of the internet(like myself) were none too pleased. There has been a lot of people saying that Motorola was less than honest about the size of its battery(I’m sure there is a dirty joke …

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I just got the Moto 360! But before I review it…


  So after months of waiting for Motorola to finally officially announce it and then a week of waiting for my local Best Buy to have one I finally have it. The Moto 360 is on its cool little charging dock while I type. I am pretty excited to test this one — even with some of the odd decisions …

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How To – Block Unwanted Callers and Get Some Peace & Quiet

How to block unwanted callers

  Sometimes it’s an ex lovers, other it’s that annoying telemarketer, and agian there are those times you just need a few hours of peace. You and your phone aren’t allows on the same page went it comes to the words “leave me alone.” So lets see what we can do to get you the peace you want from those unwanted …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 - Boy Meets Phone

  This is a change of pace for the site. For the last few years phones have been my focus. But I often find that limits stunt growth. So with that in mind I decided to expand the sites offerings by also doing reviews of tablet, accessories, and anything else that you could use in your mobile life. I love …

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