Quick Bit: Galaxy Nexus sees a price-drop pre-Google I/O


    Looks like the Galaxy Nexus just got a little lighter. In the price department that is. Today the Google I/O and it looks like the first news is that the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone can now be yours for $349.99 through the Google Play Store. This will also be the first phone to get the yet-to-be-announced Jelly …

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Enhanced Push to Talk on its way to AT&T

Sprint isn’t the only carrier in the Push to Talk game. In fact, out of the major carriers, T-Mobile is the only one without it. But like Sprint’s iDEN phones, most of their offering come with slow data and limited phone choices. AT&T is following in Sprint’s footsteps however; they are planning on introducing a new PTT service and new …

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T-Mobile and Verizon sign a Spectrum Agreement


    Talk about something coming out of nowhere. Today T-Mobile announced that they have submitted paper work to the FCC  for a little sell and trade with Verizon Wireless. They will be grabbing up some AWS spectrum, trading licenses in some markets, and throwing some cash around. The move will allows the Magenta to get a legs up in …

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Quick Bit: Flipboard hits Android


    After weeks of beta test and leaked versions from the Galaxy S3 it is finally here for all. Now anyone with a supported device can download Flipboard! Flipboard has long been a iOS favorite so it is great to see it hit Android. From those who are wondering what in the world is a Flipboard, let me introduce you. …

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The Breakdown: What you need to know about Windows Phone 8(and 7.8)


    Yesterday Microsoft showed off what months of hurt work improving on one of the best looking mobile operating system looks like. That means Apollo is official and Windows Phone 8 is on its way. But there are some thing you need to know about this new OS. Here is the break down!   The bad news I figured I would start …

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SellCell.com: Turn that old cell to some new cash


    If you are like me you have more than a few old phones hanging around. And also if your like me you would love to get rid of a few of them. There are plenty of places online that are more than willing to give you cash for phones. You could go from site to site hunting for …

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Quick Bit: Celestica will stop making BlackBerry devices

Times are tough for RIM. After having to write-down about $1 billion in inventory, came today’s news. BlackBerry manufacturer Celestica announced that they will be getting out of the RIM business. The company will start to slow down production and will cease making products for RIM in 3 to 6 months. They told investors that they are expecting a restructuring …

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Verizon wants you to share data; still not a fan of sharing cooties


    This has been in the works for a long time. But Verizon finally unveiled their long-awaited shared data plans. They are calling it the Share Everything Plan. The plans will all include unlimited talk and text. But you will be able to split the data allotment between devices. Also, you will be able to use your phone as a mobile …

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Apple shows off the iOS 6; take a look at what’s to come!


    Today kicked off Apple’s 23rd World Wide Developers Conference. And what would a modern developers conference be without some talk of mobile! Apple took some time to show off the features coming to the next version of iOS; iOS 6! Here is a look at what’s to come:   Siri: I know, Siri is not new. But remember, …

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Schott is aiming to be the go-to glass for mobile tech


    I made a trip out to Boston to check out the Society of Information Displays annual Display Week. I got the chance to talk to the good folks at Schott while I was there about their new line of cover glass; Xensation. With it, the company is planning to bring its 125 years of glass-making expertise to a mobile phone near you. …

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iPhone hits Virgin Mobile June 29th

apple_iphone 4

    Some rumors are so great that when it turns out to be true you want to cry a little. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic but this news is still awesome. Remember earlier this week when I talked about the iPhone coming to Virgin Mobile in the US. Well, now it is official. The upfront pricing on …

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Rumor Mill: The iPhone on Virgin Mobile? YES PLEASE!!!


    Color me intrigued. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there is a good chance that only of the best deal in wireless could be getting ready to launch the smartphone most wanted by consumers. Of course, I am talking about the iPhone 4 and 4S. They cite sources in the known with Sprint plans. What is even more mouth-watering is …

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