Unboxing the Hermes Single Tour Apple Watch Band


    Hermes is a brand known for luxury, quality leather goods. So when Apple and the French company originally announced their collaboration it made a lot of sense. The two companies released three different types of special Apple Watches featuring Hermes made bands and custom watch faces(as well as Apple/Hermes co-branding on the back). But the news did leave some …

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Coin 2.0 Review: Can it really replace your wallet?

20151213_163244_top - Copy

The days of carrying a wallet full of cards are over. At least that seems to be the goal on many tech companies. Apple, Google, and Samsung are leading the charge to make your phone your new wallet with their individual efforts. But some companies are trying to make the transition more of a modernization than a complete rethinking of …

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Apple, the FBI, and why George Carlin had it right all along


By now you have probably heard all about what the US government is asking of Apple and that the company is refusing to comply with their request. You may have an opinion either siding with the government or with Apple in the case. It is important to start with saying that there is no bad guy in this situation as …

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Chrome loses Do Not Track in latest iOS update & Apple’s to blame


   For an OS made by a company that says they care about user privacy Apple’s latest version on iOS seems to be saying somethings a bit different.   In the latest update to Chrome for iOS Google promises a faster, less crash-prone browser —but that comes at a price. Users no longer have to ability to use features like …

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The rugged Cat S50c promises all day toughness for Verizon customers


When you hear the name Caterpillar you either think of two things; the first step of a butterfly or the first name in construction equipment. But Cat  has also been dipping their toes in the smartphone market. Their latest entry is the S50c; an updated version of the 2015 S50. The S50c is as rugged as it comes. It’s MIL-SPEC …

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Lenovo will be saying goodbye to the Motorola name; kind of


  So Lenovo announced that they will be phasing out the Motorola name. Time to grab your torches and pitchforks right? Well, we may want to hold off for a second. For those who didn’t know; Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014. At the time, they said they would “not only protect the Motorola Brand, but make it …

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So I bought the Apple Watch…..


Wanderlust. Sometimes it’s a dangerous thing. It has led many a man astray. And I must admit, I have suffered from it. I tried to ignore it. I spent weeks fighting it. But as a naturally curious person the allure of the forbidden fruit was too much to fight. So, I gave into temptation….and bought an Apple Watch. After over …

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Huawei Watch preorder starts today; ships September 17th


   After months of waiting we can finally pre-order the Huawei Watch starting today. Sure, this isn’t the same as being able to buy it right now but with the Android Wear watch shipping on September 17th we can see the finish line. So, why is this awesome news? One look at the Huawei Watch should answer that question. Much …

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The OnePlus 2 is minus some features user may not be happy about


   Yesterday night(at least here on the east coast of the USA) OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2. A phone they are calling a “2016 flagship killer.” And it does comes with some impressive specs. But there are some missing from the party. There is no wireless charging. To many that won’t be a huge issue. But their also opted not …

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Apple totally forgot to mention the best new feature of watchOS 2.0


   Yesterday Apple’s WWDC Keynote highlighted all of the new features coming to Apple devices this fall. But they forgot to mention one of the best improvements to the Apple Watch and watchOS. Right now, if someone steals your Apple Watch –or you have friends who love to mess with you–  they can simple wipe all of your info from …

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Starbucks App users find a hacker has stolen hundreds from them

Image via Moneybox

  If you use the Starbucks app to pay for your morning coffee(or Frapuccino, I’m not judging) then you may want to change your password. Starbucks announced that a hacker have used the app to gain access to customer’s account. From there they have been sending the itself gift cards. One person lost $550 before he could put a stop …

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The LG G4 is announced. Focuses on looks, feel, and camera


Today LG made their newest flagship device official. The G4 looks to be a solid improvement on the G3 while also going after competitors with features they either don’t have or devices to leave out. So let’s get into what’s new here. First of all lets talk about the design. The rear keys are back again. But when it comes …

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