Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 makes it’s way to MetroPCS


The Galaxy Mega would be a huge addition to any carriers lineup –literally and figuratively. And the super-size Samsung device will be making its new home at MetroPCS stores starting November 25th. As the name states, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 sports a 6.3 inch HD display. Unlike most of the other members of the Galaxy series of devices it is …

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Quick Bit: Nokia’s shareholders give Microsoft the thumbs up

This wasn’t really a question. I’m fact, I would probably have had to make some coffee just to do a spit-take if this went any other way. But no coffee for me I guess. The shareholders met in Helsinki this morning to cast their secret vote. And the sell off of both their device and services divisions to Microsoft was …

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Porsche Design gussies up the BlackBerry Z10


The BlackBerry Z10 may not have been the success that the company formerly known as RIM. But it is still a pretty great device. And Porsches has once again teamed up with BlackBerry to brings their own style to the Z10. The Porsche Design Z10 goes by the moniker P’9982. The most noticeable changes are the stainless steel top and …

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Google Play Music finally makes its way to iOS


  Back in May at their I/O when Google announced their All Access service Sundar Pichai said that the service would head to iOS within a few weeks. But then a few weeks went by and nothing; to the disappointment of many iOS users. But it looks like today is a day to rejoice; Play Music is finally here! For those who …

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Moto G becomes official; nicely equipped and wallet approved


The Moto G has become official and I have to say I am kind of excited about this one. It’s bends the styling and function of the Moto X with my favorite thing; a low price tag. Spec wise you won’t been seeing the X8 Computing Platform found on the X. Instead there is a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 …

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Looks like the LG G Flex actually does flex


You know, it is so rare that there is truth in naming when it comes to smartphones that when you see one aptly named that you have to take notice. The G Flex is LG’s first phone using their flexible display. And apparently the screen isn’t the only flexible thing on the phone. This video from the good folks over …

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Sign-up page for Moto G goes live; mark the 13th on your calendar


  When Motorola and Google announced the Moto X they also said that at some point there would also be a more price-conscious version. And it looks like when they said “some point” they really meant in a few months. Today the launch page for the Moto G went live so you can sign up to get into on  November 13th …

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Nexus 5 becomes real; available on the Play Store


After months a leaks and guessing it is finally almost here. The latest Nexus phone, the Nexus 5 can be yours starting tomorrow. The rumored specs were right on the ball. The latest Nexus is made by LG. It is sporting a 4.95 inch Full HD IPS display. Powering the phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC clocked at 2.3GHz …

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HTC EVO 3D becomes the Hero when it catches a bullet and saves a life


  It is rare that you can say a phone saved my life. But one Florida man is probably really thankful for his today. When an armed assailant can into the Orange County gas station he works at demanding money from the safe was unable to get what he wanted he decided to let the clerks he was not happy. Right before …

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Nokia brings the Lumia 1520 into reality


  I am not one for rumors. Not that I don’t pay attention to them, some are hard to ignore. But I try not to assume too much from them. But some rumors are spot on. That is the case of the Lumia 1520. And that is a great thing for those who love large screens and larger cameras. The …

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