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Meet the Staff


Yossarian Norman; Editor-in-chief


Yossarian Norman is a nerd. He knows it, everyone that knows him knows it. And now you do. His love for technology was nurtured by his parent who did their best to indulge him as he collected phones, took them apart, and studied them. He learned a lot about computers from his dad so smartphone where right up his alley. Yossarian is very detail oriented as anyone that has read any of his in-depth reviews may have notice. His goal is to give you the best idea of what you are getting before you spend your hard-earned money on a phone.

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Corrine Manuel; Contributor

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Fashionista, techie, and event planner. Corrine Manuel is a jack of all trades. She is the founder of Manuel Events(ME Inc.);  which handles both in the real world event planning as well as online marketing, fund-raising, and improving your social media presence. With over 14 year of experience she is a valued contributor to Boy Meets Phone!

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