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PSA: iOS 6 hits at 1PM Eastern Time

    After months of waiting it is almost here. The newest version of Apple’s mobile OS – iOS 6 – will be available for download. If this is your first time updating your iOS device here is some helpfully hints:   Make sure you have your battery changed(at least 80%) Make sure you are on Wi-Fi and have a …

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Google releases YouTube app for iPhone and iPod Touch; iPad version on its way

    Since the beginning of iOS there has been YouTube. It was one of a few signs on iOS that at one point in time, Google and Apple actually got along. But from the outside it would seem that Apple is looking to erase all signs of their past friendship with iOS 6. First they are foregoing Google Maps for their own …

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Quick Bit: Spotify can now be used for the low price of free.99!(UPDATE)

    Spotify is a great music service. And I was more than excited about it went it finally made its way to the US. But I was less that excited for the monthly cost to listen to streaming music. But as of today, there is a no-cost option. Of course you will have to listen to ads ever now …

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Quick Bit: Apple releases iOS 5.1.1 update Kills a few bugs with it.

    Less bugs is never a bad thing. Well, in smartphones and computers it’s never a bad thing; in nature, not as good. Today Apple released an update for iOS devices to fix some issues in iOS 5.1. Here is a list:   Improves HDR reliability when launching the camera from the Lock Screen Fixes 2G/3G switching issue with the new iPad Fixes issues with Air Play playback Improves syncing of Safari bookmarks and Reading List Address “Unable to Purchase” alert after making a purchase   If you are running a iOS 5 device you can update by either going to Settings>General>Software Update or connecting your device to iTunes via USB. Enjoy!

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