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How To – Block Unwanted Callers and Get Some Peace & Quiet

How to block unwanted callers

  Sometimes it’s an ex lovers, other it’s that annoying telemarketer, and agian there are those times you just need a few hours of peace. You and your phone aren’t allows on the same page went it comes to the words “leave me alone.” So lets see what we can do to get you the peace you want from those unwanted …

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iOS 7.1 bug appears to allow you to make unwanted stock apps really disappear


    Let’s face it, either it be iOS or Android there is at least one stock app that you never use. But you can’t just delete these apps. If you are using an Android phone you can at least disable them but iOS user have been forced to hide these unused apps in a folder and try to ignore …

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How To: Make your iOS device kid-friendly by locking it to one app


  If you own a iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and happen to be a parent chances are your device is a mixture of social media apps, work emails, and spelling games. Having kid-friendly games on your iOS device can be a lifesaver when stuck in horrible traffic or trying to entertain your kid at the doctor’s office. But just …

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How To: Remove personal info from pictures


  It is amazing what personal info is stored in our pictures. With a few simple clicks you can see what type of phone was used, what the ISO was set at, the focal length, and even where you were when you took the picture. This feature is called geo-tagging, It makes remembering where you were when you took the …

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HELP????: What’s a Aperture

    There is a new must have feature when it comes to the smartphone. This time it doesn’t come from the processor or the type of network it connects to. This time it is all from the camera. So what is that new must market feature. It’s the aperture! And some of you may have wondered what it is. So …

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Personalizing 101: Adding custom ringtones to your Windows Phone device


    So you bought a smartphone running Windows Phone. That is one way to not only stand out in the world of Androids and iPhones, but have on of the most unique and elegant UIs on a smartphone. But Windows Phone is not like other phones for other reasons. For one thing, how you add ringtones. Here is a step-by-step tutorial …

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Personalizing 101: Ways to add music to your Android Device


    Music is a must in life. I don’t think I can go a day without listening to some. And that shiny new Android is a great ways to listen to your favorite Justin Bieber & WHAM song(it’s okay, your secret is save with me). But getting music on your Android device is not something that is as clear-cut as adding …

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HELP!!!: Smartphone Chipsets


    So once again, a discussion on Engadget has helped me come up with another help article. What’s the story behind this one? Well, when reports that the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S II would have a 1.5GHz APQ8060 chipset started surfacing I make my confusion about the story know both by writing a post here and commenting on …

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HELP!!!: The Do’s and Don’ts of a wet phone


    It happens and it happens a lot. And there are many ways it can happen. You may find yourself in fully clothed in a  pool thanks to some friends who thought it was funny, dropping in the a puddle, walking in the rain, or the most common reason; using it over a toilet. Chances are that if you own …

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HELP!!!: How to remove Vipre Mobile Security


    Vipre Mobile Security is the newest member of Vipre’s security software. And though the app is still in beta, it offers a lot of features for the low price of free.99 which is always great. But what happens if you download it and decide for whatever reason that you no longer want it? If you have tried to delete it like every …

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Help!!!: What counts as 4G?


      I decided to write this one after some comments I received for something I said on Engadget. I was told that view of 4G is wrong. So I felt that I needed to explain what counts as 4G.   What 4G is SUPPOSE to be(the Standard)?   There was a 4G standard that was created by the …

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Help!!!: Picking the right SD card


  So you need more space in your smartphone. What do you do? Well, most people would either decided what they don’t need on their phone to make a little space or buy a new SD card. Most phones now ship with one in the device. However, more times than not, it’s either a 2GB or 4GB card. So then …

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