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What I Love(and hate) about the Galaxy S8+ so far


  If you follow me on social media then you know that for the last few weeks I have spent time with the Galaxy S8+. I normally go for the standard model to do my testing and review on but this year I decided to give the larger of the two a chance, This was partly because of my experience …

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ZTE ZMax Pro for MetroPCS Unboxing

  It has been a little since I have had the time to do a phone review. But I decided I needed to make the time. I have really missed doing these. And when I heard about the ZTE ZMax Pro I decided I had to make it my next review! The ZTE Zmax Pro is the latest member of the …

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Huawei Watch preorder starts today; ships September 17th

   After months of waiting we can finally pre-order the Huawei Watch starting today. Sure, this isn’t the same as being able to buy it right now but with the Android Wear watch shipping on September 17th we can see the finish line. So, why is this awesome news? One look at the Huawei Watch should answer that question. Much …

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The OnePlus 2 is minus some features user may not be happy about

   Yesterday night(at least here on the east coast of the USA) OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2. A phone they are calling a “2016 flagship killer.” And it does comes with some impressive specs. But there are some missing from the party. There is no wireless charging. To many that won’t be a huge issue. But their also opted not …

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Quick Bit: LG G Flex 2 hits Sprint March 13th

Smaller, more powerful, and almost available in the US.

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Google announces Android Lollipop and the new member to the Nexus family

With Android 5.0 Lollipop and new Nexus devices Google looks to bring something sweet to more than just your pocket.

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LG makes the G3 offical; though with no release date

  After weeks of leaks LG has finally made it offical, the G3 is on its way. The G3 takes steps forwards from last years G2 but keeps some thing the same. And depending on who you are that can be a good or bad thing. The keys are still on the rear. And thought I quite enjoyed that from …

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HTC One Mini 2 updates the Mini with some M8 styling

  The HTC One M8 is without doubt a great looking phone. So why wouldn’t HTC want to carry over some of that styling when they updated the HTC One Mini. The One Mini 2 sports a scaled down M8 body but slightly beefs up the specs from last years One Mini. The screen is just a little larger at …

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Moto E offers latest software at an unbelievable low price

Just when you thought  the Moto G was as good as an no-contract device could get in a price/quality comparison it seems like the new owners of Motorola is looking to outdo the company’s previous hit mark.  The Moto E may no sport the latest and greatest specs but it makes up for it by looking to offer great quality …

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LG Volt adds some Spark to Virgin and Boost Mobile’s lineup

  Today LG announced a new phone hitting both Boost and Virgin Mobile; the LG Volt. The phone sports some interesting specs and a price that will not break the bank. It sports a 4.7 inch qHD IPS display covered in Gorilla Glass 2. Inside is a 1.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 400 SoC paired with 1GB of RAM. For storage …

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Kyocera Hydro Vibe is a phone built for your pool party; on its way to Sprint and Virgin Mobile

I love budget devices. And Kyocera has made one that I am itching to get in to check out. The Kyocera Hydro Vibe looks nice and made for some care-free summer fun. First thing, like the name Hydro would suggest the phone is water-resistant. It have a IPX5 and IPX7 rating which means that it can take splashes and being submerged …

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The HTC One M8: details and release info

HTC One M8

  Today the long leaked HTC One M8 was unveiled. We already knew what it looked like thanks to tons and tons of leaked pictures and videos. That kind of takes some of the mystery out of everything but it is the nature of the beast. But all of the questions we had have been answered. And I will break …

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