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Even if it hurts them it looks like dbrand has your back!



Every time a new flagship phone, high-end laptop, or gaming device comes out, dbrand is there to add a little flare to it with i a skin. So what is the last thing you would think the company would tell you? How about we will not be making one and in fact you may not want to buy one for this? Well, dbrand did just that when it comes to the newly released Nintendo Switch. Here is what happened.



Just like other accesorry makers, dbrand getting preproduction units for some devices to get their skins ready for our enjoyment. This is why they are tend to be available just in time for your to add some flare to your new device.  Of course the company was looking to continue that tradition with the Switch; Nintendo’s new part portable, part home console. In fact, they had already taken preorder and produced some. But during this they found that because of the coating over the Switch, the adhesive used on their skins actually damaged it. This affected both the controllers and console so needless to say the company decided that is was in everyone’s best interest not to release their skins for the Switch. The company release a statement about the matter of Twitter and Reddit as well as set refunds to those who already preordered their skin. The company is also urging consumers not to buy any skin for their devices at the moment.

A company doing right by its customers is already a good thing to read. But what about Nintendo? Their has been no word from them on the mater. Currently Nintendo does sell a Zelda Collector’s Edition Screen Protector and Skin. Will this skin case the same types of issues dbrand found on their units? At this point I can’t answer that. And I hate to say it, but it may take some unlucky Switch owners to find out for sure.


Source: Reddit



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