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Verizon is about to give some unlimited data customer an ultimatum



Are you still grandfathered into one of those coveted Verizon unlimited data plans? Do you use a lot of that data every month? Well then you may want to read this. This news comes for the folks over at Droid Life. Very soon Verizon could be sending you an ultimatum: change to one of the tiered data plans or have your service disconnected until you do.

Here is what the source told Droid Life:

Verizon is working on an Unlimited Data Plan Migration for the highest unlimited data users on their network. Starting tomorrow, July 21, Verizon will begin notifying users who have been flagged as using that “extraordinary” amount via mailer and through bill messages and explain to them their options to stay

Starting today, some Verizon customers with unlimited data will  be hearing from Big Red about their data usage. This will come in the form of a bill message or a letter. The company will suggest those users switch to one of their tiered data plans. They will be given until August 31 to make the move. If they don’t, they could see their line(s) disconnected. Customers would then have 50 days to reactivate their service on one of the tiered data plans.

It’s important to remember that not every unlimited data customer will be force to make this choice; just those the company decided use an extreme amount of data. So if you aren’t overdoing it on the data then you are in the clear for now. What is unknown is how much data usage will put you on their radar. And of course Verizon is being tight-lipped about that. All they would say is that this will affect a “small group” of customers. But a small group is a pretty subjective term when you have such a large subscriber base.





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