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Unboxing the Hermes Single Tour Apple Watch Band




Hermes is a brand known for luxury, quality leather goods. So when Apple and the French company originally announced their collaboration it made a lot of sense. The two companies released three different types of special Apple Watches featuring Hermes made bands and custom watch faces(as well as Apple/Hermes co-branding on the back). But the news did leave some who purchased their Apple Watch before the September announcement a bit steamed. But now the two are selling the same high-quality leather bands separately. Of course, as a lover of fashion and quality goods I had to try to get my hands on one.

That was a bit easier said than done. The Apple Stores in New York were completely out and I didn’t fare any better in Boston. But I did manage to get the exact band I wanted thanks to Hermes! So check out my video unboxing of the Sapphire Blue Epsom Leather Single Tour Apple Watch Band.

So why would you spend $340+ on a smartwatch band? I will tell you this, the band feels amazing. Hermes uses some amazing leathers on their produces. The Epsom Leather used on this Sapphire Blue band is textured in a way that makes it easy to clean and highly scratch resistant. So as long as you aren’t doing anything crazy with it on(which you probably won’t) it should last awhile. You are also paying some a completely handmade product. From cutting the leather to stitching; every step was does manually just as the company has for 179 year. And that is what you are getting, 179 years of experience and leather making tradition on your wrist.

I will be doing a follow-up video seeing how the band fared in everyday use. So make sure to check the site and YouTube for that!





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