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The OnePlus 2 is minus some features user may not be happy about


Yesterday night(at least here on the east coast of the USA) OnePlus announced the OnePlus 2. A phone they are calling a “2016 flagship killer.” And it does comes with some impressive specs. But there are some missing from the party. There is no wireless charging. To many that won’t be a huge issue. But their also opted not to include support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 —despite having a Snapdragon 810 which supports it. That means charging will take longer than on other flagships. But one omission that has many people scratching their head it the lack of NFC. When asked by Android Police why they opted to leave this feature out they said:

We heard from a lot of users of the One and saw most of our users weren’t using NFC

This seems a reasonable answer for a company looking to cut where they can to keep the balance between powerful and budget-friendly. But for many users this could be a deal breaker. And that’s because of Android Pay.

Along with Android “M” which will be released this fall comes Android Pay. This is Googles attempt to bring not only contactless payment but online payments together in more cohesive way; making it easier to use than Google Wallet. But the OnePlus 2 won’t be able to take full advantage of it without NFC. This is especially sad since the OnePlus 2 have a fingerprint sensor. Android “M” will allow you to use the the built-in fingerprint sensor instead of a passcode to authenticate transactions.

Is the lack of NFC a deal breaker for you? Or is the price tag enough to overlook what feature it doesn’t have?

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