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First Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S6



The Galaxy S series has always been one of those love or hate devices. Some have called it blotted with too many pointless features. Others see its price and plastic build and question how that came up with that number. And others just thought they were ugly when compared to other devices in the same price range. But this year at Mobile World Congress Samsung introduced use to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. And they were wildly different from the Galaxy S devices we have seen in the past. Glass and metal stands were once we only saw plastic. We saw a Galaxy S device that was not only recognizable but alien at the same time. So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to see if this is really the Galaxy S we have asked for since the GS3. Here are my first impressions of the Galaxy S6!


  • While the Galaxy S5 wasn’t the ugliest phone in the world it was far from the pinnacle of fit and finish. Some of its issues were partly due to the more desired and loved features that users have come to expect from Samsung. But when you look at some of the devices they released later last year(like the Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha) that agreement seems less valid. But that isn’t the case here. It’s like Samsung finally got sick and tired of hearing the same complaints about their devices and gave the users what they have asked for. Of course, sacrifices were made to do so.


  • The Galaxy S6 sports a unibody design. And like other unibody phone on the market that means no removing the battery when you need to. Though this is a little sad I can honestly say I won’t miss it too much. But then again I keep a battery pack with me when I’m out and about –because I’m a bit paranoid about running out of juice.


  • Samsung has also done away with expandable memory. This only makes sense until you think about the fact that other unibody phones like the HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 have this feature. It seems more like a move to increase profit to me. But it is what it is I guess.


  • Another feature that Samsung introduced just last year has also fallen by the wayside is waterproofing. As you may remember the GS5 was IP67 rated. That meant dropping your phone in the toilet(which happen A LOT more the one would think), walking in the rain, or an unexpected dip in the pool wouldn’t mean having to get a new phone. Well, as long as that bottom flap is closed and the back over was on securely. But if the Galaxy S6 gets wet you probably should break out the bag of silica packets. It seems like such an odd move to remove something that protected your users like that after one model. They could have at least made it splash-proof.


  • I know that the Galaxy S6 is thinner than the GS5 but it just feels thicker to me.Maybe it is the combination of its slimmer body and rounded sides. Or maybe I’m just crazy.


  • I know I have spent a fair amount of time talking about the sacrifice Samsung made this year to make the Galaxy S6 look as good as it does. But those sacrifices are quickly overshadowed by just how great the results are.


  • This phone is just as slippery as the iPhone 6. I know it looks cool but those rounded edges are a little impractical if you ask me.


  • Speaking of the iPhone 6. Most people are quick to try to compare the look of the Galaxy S6 to the iPhone 6. I understand the desire to do so since we seem hell-bent to make any similar between the two companies devices a big deal. And I will admit that the bottom looks eerily similar to the iPhone 6. But you know what device I think the Galaxy S6 looks a hell of a lot like? The Sony Xperia Z2. Both have the glass front and back. And have you looked at the sides of the Z2 and GS6? Take a look and then tell me the Galaxy S6 doesn’t look like the Z2 and the Galaxy S4 had a love child.


  • The screen on this thing almost seems like too much. And I don’t mean in a bad way. I mean in the “you must have done something REALLY good to be rewarded with this” kind of way. It’s the same size and last years but they up the resolution to QHD(1440 by 2560). It’s an embarrassment of riches. Looking at them side by side you will both question its need and be in awe of its splendor.


  • When it comes to software Samsung did A LOT of cutting back. From the menus to the special features; this is TouchWiz on a diet. But just like Star Jones I wonder if it lost wait in the right places. Many of the features they got rid of I can live without. I mean, will you REALLY miss that Jedi Swipe thing? But the mode that brings up the screens sensitivity so you have use it with gloves on is gone. And as a New Englander that feature was one I used heavily in the last several months.


  • So far the cameras on this seems insanely good. Samsung made a huge deal about how quickly the camera could be launched so of course that was one of the first things I played with. And this is one case where the hype is true. I wonder if it will react as quick after a few months of use? The Galaxy S5 camera was pretty quick at first too but over a year a use started to get a little sluggish. Not so much that it was a major annoyance but more than I would have liked to see. Samsung also cut back on the camera interface and modes. But one they did add was a pro mode which I will be spending a lot of time playing with.



I have a lot more testing to do with the Galaxy S6 but so far this is an amazing little device. If you have any question feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, or just leave a comment below!







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