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Wallet Case by JimmyCase Review


Before I start this review I wanted to share a little something about my life. I do so to explain why I was so excited about reviewing this iPhone case. Last year I decided to challenge myself. The challenge; only buy clothes and accessories from companies that produced their goods in their home country. So American brands that made their items in America, Swedish brands who made their items in Sweden. You know, companies that supported keeping their neighbors employed. Now if you have ever looked at the tags of any clothes you will know how difficult this turned out. It is very hard to find items made where the brand was born. That is an even more monumental task when it comes to technology. Almost everything we use for our smartphones are made in other countries. That include accessories like cases.

But one day I received an email about Jimmy Case. This small California-based company received funding from people like you  on Kickstarter. They are very proud of the fact that each one of their cases are handmade in California –most time just after you place your order. They make a wallet case that is a little different from the other ones on the market. So they definitely caught my attention. So I had to check them out. So this is my review of the Jimmy Case iPhone 6 Wallet Case.


Look and Feel



Good packaging really sets the mood when you buy something. Any sneaker head will tell you; when a company go through the effort of making not only the elements of the sneaker but the packaging special it makes that much more excited about them. That doesn’t mean the package has to be a wooden box or anything extravagant. Even simplicity can make you a little more excited about a product. In the case of Jimmy Case, they went with simple but eye-catching. The case comes in a clear, vinyl pouch with a sticker on it. Doing so shows off the case. The sticker tell a little story too. On the front you find the brands logo along with an American flag. Under the Jimmy Case logo are the words “Handmade in the USA.” Around back you will find the California state flag with the words “Hecho en Los Angeles.” So right off the bat you know you have a company that is not only proud to show off their product but wants you to know they are proud to have made it for you by hand in their hometown.




Jimmy Case hand makes each case in Los Angeles. And I think they are proud of it!




When you turn your attention to the case your eyes will almost immediately be drawn to the pocket on the back. The one I received is orange and blue stripes, so it was hard not to notice it first. They also make a black version which I’m sure draws the eyes a little less. That pocket is where you place your cards. It is made to be able to hold up to six cards while still holding its shape. The back of the case is made of mahogany –which is sourced from the U.S. The Jimmy Case logo is laser etched on the bottom left side of the wood. When I first took out the case from the package I could still smell the adhesive used to attach the wood and pocket to the case. That’s definitely not something I was expecting but given the fact that these are made-to-order it isn’t that out of the ordinary. Thankfully the smell did not hang around and the adhesive was cured before hand so it wasn’t like the case was going to start falling apart. Personally, I wish the back and wood piece were flush instead of the wood coming out away from the black body. It isn’t a deal breaker but I feel it would really improve the look and feel it was. The rest of the case is constructed out of two types of silicone. The edge of the case is flexible so the device can be placed into it. The rest of the case is slightly more rigid. The sides of the case is textured to help improve the grip. I found that it works pretty good and I never found the case slipping out my hand.


Getting my iPhone 6 into the case was no easy task. This is the skinny jeans of silicone cases. I say that because this case fits the phone extremely tight and because I can’t imagine getting into a part of skinny jeans being a fun experience. The good thing is that once it is in there you don’t have to worry about the phone coming out of it. The bad part is if you do need to to get it out quick you can pretty much forget it. All of the buttons and openings line up perfectly. But this poses a different issue. The opening for the lighting port is cut for the Apple Lighting Cable. Now, anyone who ever used the lighting cable(or any cable) that comes with the iPhone, iPod, or iPad knows how horribly constructed they are. Personally, I used the included lighting cable on the iPhone 5S but found that it –like every other Apple cable I have ever used– quickly became useless. So I now use a third-party cable. That means my charger is constantly on the verge of falling out while charging with the case on. I wish that they made the lighting port opening just a little larger to comedy third-party chargers . On the sites FAQ page they explained why your third-party charger was ill-fitting so they are aware of the issue. So hopefully it’s something they will address in the near future.





Jimmy Case did not set out to make a rugged wallet case. So if you are looking for that you best served looking elsewhere. This case will only offer the bare minimum of protection against a fall. It does cover the sides and creates a small lip around the screen. So if you don’t drop it on any of its weak points your iPhone will survive dent and scratch free.


jimmycase_side-1When I look at this case and think durability my first thought isn’t will the case help my phone survive a fall. But I do wonder if it will survive everyday use. Given the fact you are stuffing your cards into what is –in essence– a rubber band pocket with cloth over it I wonder if you can really put six card in it, cut that number down later, and still have it hold its elasticity. So of course I ran a little test. I didn’t put the full six card the company claims it will hold. I only put five cards in mine and used it for a little over a week. Over that time I removed and replace individual card to make purchases but never for more than five minutes. After over a week of doing that I then reduced the number of cards to one and stored the phone upside down in my pocket. I figured that doing so would give the pocket the best chance of losing grip on the card and failing. Yes, it set it up to fail. But that elastic pocket worked as advertised; holding it elasticity after a week of being stretched. The pocket isn’t exacting back to its original shape; there is a noticeable change from when it was unused. But given what I does that is to be expected. I will of course revisit this issue later to see how it holds up after months but so far, so good.




It is important to take pride in the work you do. And it truly is reflected in its work produced when a company loves what they do and are happy to share it with you. Jimmy Case is a great example of that. They take time to handmade each case and to make sure that it is a great quality item. I hope that in the future their cases will be a bit more accommodating to third-party chargers and maybe make the space between the silicone case and mahogany back panel flush. But none of these things take away from the overall experience. In a sea of the same wallet cases Jimmy Case stands out in all the right ways. And don’t forget that each of these cases are handmade in their facility in California; so you can smile a little knowing that the impact on the environment is lower than other cases. plus you are support an American company and American jobs. So if you are looking for a unique wallet case that made with love(and in the US) then look no more. You can find it at TheJimmyCase.Com for $39.99.





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    Any update on how the elastic is holding up?