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Nokia’s Lumia 830 brings a better specs to more budget conscience consumers

Nokia is at it again with it latest device running Microsoft’s mobile OS. This time around they are aiming to reach those who like the idea of a nice Windows Phone device but not the cost of some of something like the 930. The Lumia 830 isn’t packed the same ultra – powerful silicone as it big brother, but it’s 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 should offer you more than enough power. The 5 inch ClearBlack display has slightly less pixels at a resolution of 1280 by 720 but should still look pretty nice. It is covered by a slightly curved 2.25D Gorilla Glass 3 glass. And they even managed to put a PureView camera in the rear. Of course, it sports slightly less megapixel(10MP) but still had optical image stabilization.

The 830 will be one of the first phones to ship with the Window Phone Denim update. It also will sport all the goodies that Nokia Lumia phones have been known to offer. Like Nokia HERE and the Nokia Camera App. The 830 even comes with Qi Wireless Charging out of the box(no need to purchase a different cover like LG or Samsung).

The Lumia 830 will be unleashed on the world sometime this month. No word on US pricing or availability. But for my European friends, it should set you back 330Euro.

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