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Galaxy S5 S Charger Cover Review

Galaxy S5 S Charger Cover - Wireless Charging for the GS5

In typical fashion — for Samsung and most phone makers — in order to get the best experience out of your new phone or tablet you may have to part with a little more money. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5 there are a few things you can pick up to make your experience better. This time around I will be checking out something that not only makes your Galaxy S5 a little better but also a little safer from water; the S Charger Cover.

One of the best features; as well as the most common design complaints with the Galaxy S5 revolve around its IP67 rating. The Galaxy S5 is both dust-proof and water-resistant. But the extra security of knowing a drop in the toilet won’t kill your phone comes at a cost. There is a very much need but rather annoying flap covering the USB 3.0 port. The issue here is that little plastic piece is a ticking time bomb. All it takes is it breaking and suddenly your Galaxy S5 has an opening large enough for water to flow right into the heart it. But you need to open that flip at least once a day to give your battery the juice it needs. But what if you didn’t need to risk your phones seal to charge it? That is where wireless charging comes to the rescue. In it comes a solution that allows you to charge your phone without the need to ever open that flap.

DSC00913The S Charger Cover is a $30 solution to this issue. There are cheaper solutions available like qi stickers. However, those wireless charging sticker available could cover the gasket or case the cover to have a slight hump; causing a gap that could allow water and particles it. The Samsung cover sports the same gasket as the included cover so it keeps water and particles out. But the S Charger Cover also adds a little junk to your phone’s trunk. Personally, I don’t mind a little junk in the trunk. One of my complains about the Galaxy S5 has always been how that back cover made the phone feel cheaply made. The Galaxy S5 I have creaks — a lot. But because the S Charger Cover has the conduction coils inside it is thicker and more rigid — making the phone feel a lot better. Another benefit is that it comes up a little more around the camera. This offers the lens a little more protection the scratches when laid on its back.

The S Charger Cover is easy enough to install. It simply replaces the standard back cover. Just like the standard cover there is a rubber gasket around the battery to keep dust and water out. So you need to make sure you press the back cover on good and check the gasket for dirt or dust. I picked up the black version which shares the same semi-soft touch feeling as its non-qi counterpart. I can’t speak on how the white version feels(yet at least).


galaxy-s5-on-qi-padSamsung would probably prefer you buy their $49.99 Mini Wireless Charging Pad. But any Qi Standard wireless charging pad will do. You can find one at any number of places; Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, AT&T, or Verizon. I tested it out using the Nokia Fatboy Pillow. So my phone was resting pretty while it soaked in some power inductively. The cover worked as advertised. Though it should be noted that it does take longer to charge via the inductive method rather than the conventionally plug-in way.


The Standard GS5 back cover is on the right & the S Charger Cover is on the left
The Standard GS5 back cover is on the right & the S Charger Cover is on the left

Now, here is the not so fun part. Like I said earlier, the cover is thicker than the standard one. So finding a cases that will fit the extra bulk may pose an issue. I have a Speck CandyShell Grip Case. And though the phone will charge through it the phone does not fit securely. So if you have a case you like AND you crave wireless charging you may want to try it out before buying or resign yourself to getting a new case. This added with the delay in the availability of the S Charging Cover bring up two quandaries. Why would they have waited so long to put out something that could make the cases you purchased useless? And why didn’t they just build in the ability to wirelessly charge your phone so this wouldn’t be an issue in the first place?

So is the Galaxy S5 S Charger Cover is a worthwhile investment? Using wireless charging is simple and also decreases the risk of breaking that flap over your USB port. The back isn’t without it’s faults though. Samsung really should have released this with the Galaxy S5 back in April. When you have already invested in cases to protect your phone it does not feel good to find out that there is a really good chance your case will not fit anymore. You shouldn’t have to decide between the convenience of wireless charging and the protection of the good case — or the styling of a nice looking one. If Samsung have added wireless charging into the phone to begin with or released it on the same day then you wouldn’t have to. If you really want the convenience, don’t mind the thickness, and okay with the $30 price tag I would say pick one up.




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