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Sprint will start to throttle heavy data users in most congested markets



It was good while it lasted. But thanks to what they are saying is  congestion issues Sprint’s unlimited LTE plans will soon be a little less speedy for some users. The carrier announced that soon they will have to start throttling the top 5% of there data users. This will include both pre and post paid customers. Sprint says they will only do this in heavily congested markets.

This is not welcome news to customer; especially those who rely on their phones as their sole internet connection. But the carrier says this is a much-needed move. In a statement about the move Sprint said “will enable us to provide more customers with a high quality data experience during heavy usage times; once the customer is no longer connected to a congested cell site, or the site is no longer congested, speeds will return to normal.” I question how this will affect customers of both Virgin Mobile and Boost would are already throttled past a certain amount of high-speed data. Customers of MVNO running on Sprint may also be affected by this move. For a company that has tried to stand out by offering unlimited data to start throttling users this does seem like an odd move but is not totally unexpected.





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