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Google will help defend Samsung in latest patent trial against Apple


gavel-and-scaleI have largely stayed away from talking too much about the ongoing patent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung going on. That is not to say they are not important but that they tend to worry me as any decision other than throwing both claims out could equal a stifling of the growth in innovation. But a tidbit that has come out what they current trial did catch my eyes and merited a mention.

In a deposition, a lawyer from Google(James Maccoun) revealed that they company agreed to help Samsung in their defend. Not only that but reports say that they will also indemnify Samsung of any lost caused by a possible bad outcome to the trial; though it is unknown if they would cover only part of or the full damages. So the question on many people’s mind become why would the do that.

Apple is claiming that Samsung has violated five of their patents in their Galaxy devices. But some of the feature they claim they own the patents to are not thing Samsung initially created. Instead, these are features Google created for use in Android devices. And one of the many parts of the Android Mobile Application Distribution Agreement manufactures sign both parties agree to defend each other from any third-party lawsuits. The companies agree that if a third-party sues Google due to their breech or violation of the agreement that they are legal reasonable. And on Google’s end they agree that they will defend and possible settle out-of-court any suits the companies face due to any claimed infringements due to Google’s software.

So the next question becomes this; why doesn’t Apple go after Google? And part of the answer is quite simple; there is no money in it. Google doesn’t actually profit off Android; instead making the operating system available openly but created the Android Mobile Application Distribution Agreement to give companies the right use their apps and services. So since Google makes no money off it Apple has decided to go after the company profiting off the it the most; Samsung.

What are your thoughts on the lawsuits? Do you think that this is just Apple and Samsung protecting their work or a risking move that could halt innovation? And what are your feelings on Google’s involvement in all of this? Share your thoughts in a comment below.






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