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iOS 7.1 bug appears to allow you to make unwanted stock apps really disappear


Let’s face it, either it be iOS or Android there is at least one stock app that you never use. But you can’t just delete these apps. If you are using an Android phone you can at least disable them but iOS user have been forced to hide these unused apps in a folder and try to ignore them. Neither method will free up space on your device. But what if you want to completely hide that unwanted app on iOS? Well iDeviceHelpUs has found a glitch in the latest version of iOS that you may be interested in. This glitch takes a few steps but when done correctly you won’t have to see those unwanted apps anymore. Now, this does now delete the apps and will not free up any space. But it is a good as it gets at the moment. The big question is will those changes stay after Apple’s next update? Guess we will have to see.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Put you unwanted stock apps in a folder.
  2. Put that folder on a page of your Home Screen that is full. make sure that your dock is also full of apps
  3. Choose any random app and drag it on top of another app to make a new folder. Right when the folder animation starts quickly move the unwanted app folder into the new folder. Remember, speed is important on this part or it will not work.
  4. Remove the two apps used to create the folder. Then drag the subfolder out. It should vanish completely.
  5. If you did everything right the those unwanted apps should be hidden now!


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