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Boy Meets Phone’s Top 5: Features a Smartwatch will need before I buy one



With Sony and Samsung versions already announced. LG making it known that they are in the market. And then there’s the iWatch rumors. It is clear that the smart watch is going to be the next cool thing in mobile tech. Being a “thing” is all well and good but to be a real hit the smartwatch needs to become more than just a niche. Sure, there has to be a certain cool factor but personally it needs to be more than just a cool thing before I am willing put down the type of money it will probably cost. So after much thought I decided to on the five things a smartwatch will need to have before I spent any of my hard-earned money on it.


5. A display that works great in all lighting

What good is any screen if you can’t read what’s on it clearly? That becomes even more important when that screen is on your wrist and more than likely the size of a Triscuit. A device that you have to struggle to see is not really a great companion to a device you may already struggle to see outside. If it a Mirasol, a nice IPS, or e-ink; the screen on the smartwatch I will possible own in the future will need to be sharp and work in all lighting conditions.


4. No camera

This is a feature that I saw on the Galaxy Gear and found myself more than a little confused by. It makes me question if we are going a little too far with the things we do. I can see no good reasons to include a camera on the strap or even the top of a watch. But I can think of a lot of  not so great reasons.


3. Good battery life

It would be great to have one device that I do not have to charge every night. Between my tablet, phones, and laptop I am quickly running out of plugs. Give me one week without having to worry about the battery and you will have my attention. Manage near two weeks and chances are you will have my money.


2. Wireless Charging

Even better than just giving me a little  extra time away from the plug; give me something that I don’t have to plug-in at all. Inductive charging is one of those feature smartwatch manufactures should really take a look at. The idea of simply placing your phone,tablet, and watch on a surface and waking up to it magically fully charge is awesome. Plus nothing is as attractive as one less proprietary cord that I have to spend my time worrying about losing.


1. Universally Compatibility

As someone who jumps from using devices from every mobile OS from BlackBerry to Windows Phone this is the deal-breaking feature. Now I am not crazy enough to think that every feature will work with every OS but give me the basics and I will be a happy consumer. The last thing any consumer wants to do is have to pick up a new $200-$300 smartwatch every time the need/want to change devices. I great smartwatch will adapt to your need; not the other way around.


So that is my thoughts. But I want to know what features you will need in a smartwatch before you consider picking up one? Share in the comments section below!




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Yossarian Norman is a nerd. He knows it, everyone that knows him knows it, and now you know it. His love for technology was nurtured by his parent who did their best to indulge him as he collected phones, took them apart, and studied them. He has spent years learning and working with mobile phones and the ever changing mobile industry.

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