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Republic Wireless Wi-Fi+ app aims to help their customers find a hotspot

republic-wireless-wifiplusRepublic Wireless is a very interested carrier. Basically how it works is they offer you unlimited service for either $19 or $29 a month with one main stipulation; you must try to use Wi-Fi as often as possible. Their devices have been modded to work on both Sprint’s network and over Wi-Fi for calls and text. You have to at least register one Wi-Fi hotspot to even use the service. This idea work great if you have Wi-Fi at home, work, your gym, or your favorite hang outs. But what if you only have it at home and work or just not sure about if the quality will be good enough? That is where their new Wi-Fi+ app comes in. The app is meant to make finding and connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots while out and bout simple. What is does is test the quality of the connections available to determine if it is strong enough to place calls over. It also makes connection to known open hotspots simpler as they keep a database of trusted connections. The app brings with it two widgets; a connection widgets that tells you about you connection and when calls will be placed over the cellular network or Wi-Fi, and the usage widget that lets you know how you are doing offloading your usage onti Wi-Fi when compared to other users.

The Republic Wireless Wi-Fi+ apps can be picked up in the Google Play Store. If you happen to have the LG Optimus S on Republic it should be noted that they description claims the app will only work with the Motorola Defy XT.


Download from Google Play

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