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NVIDIA announces the Tegra 4 and Project Shield



As a site dedicated to phones it’s very rare that I talk about anything else. But what NVIDIA unveiled today at their CES 2013 presentation are two product that will make its way to the smartphones in the near future and one product interesting enough to make its way on this site.

First, let’s talk about NVIDIA’s new mobile processor; the Tegra 4. The newest member of the Tegra line looks like it is after the most powerful processor crown. The chipset is built on the Cortex A15 architecture; much like that of the Exynos CPU found in the Nexus 10 and Samsung Chromebook. Much like the Tegra 3, it is a quad-core CPU with a fifth low-powered core. The GPU on the Tegra 4 is a massive(yet really small) 72 core ULP GeForce GPU. To compare; their Tegra 3 sports  just 12 cores. So gaming graphics and every other process that is helped by the GPU will benefit from the extra power. There is also improved photography architecture which will allow things like always-on HDR including live HDR previewing of your subject, HDR in burst mode and HDR video recording. If you love high-dynamic range then this may be the processor for you.

One of the new chips working in tandem with the Tegra 4 is the i500 Soft Modem. This a baseband solution which will allow the Tegra 4 to work on various mobile networks; including those ever-present LTE network. The modern is able to process 1.2 trillion operations per second. This will help make those 4G networks shine even more!


The last product that NVIDIA announced today is Project Shield. No, this is not their answer to Google’s Project Butter. Though it does contain it. Project Shield is a new portable gaming system utilizing the Tegra 4 chipset. This system is running a pure version of Android(Jelly Bean currently), sports a 5 inch “Retinal Display” at with a 1280 x 720 resoluition, and a promised battery life of 10 hours of gaming and 24 hours of HD video with its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to that Tegra 4 and the mini HDMI port Project Shield can output up to 4K(this is the new top resolution, you will be seeing some TV’s sporting this number in the coming year). Project Shield will have access to the most graphic-intensive mobile games through the Tegrazone. But you will also be able to play your PC games via your local network using their GeForce Experience Software. NVIDIA says that this not totally ready for the market yet, so close your wallets for now. Expect this to hit during Q2 of 2013. Pricing however is still not known.



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