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Boy Meets Phone’s Predictions for 2013





The new year is only hours away! So I thought I should share some predictions of what will be hot on the world of mobile tech in 2013. I am basing my predictions on trends from the last few years, technology that is up and coming, and the things I would love to see as a consumer on mobile devices. So here we go!




1: More budget friendly dual-core phones:

Just like those amazing 1GHz processors before them the price to make dual-core CPU’s are on the way down. Expect companies to take advantage of this and product some wallet-friendly dual-core devices. Expect some of them to be named after some of the current crop of single-core phones as to convey the fact that this is an improvement over last years device. So think Optimus Elite 2, maybe a little bigger and definitely more powerful.


2: A peaceful end to the current patent litigation

This one may be wishful thinking. This year has been full of stories about patent lawsuits between manufacturers;  the biggest being Apple versus Samsung. The question become – will the tech world really stand for another year of this? I don’t think it will and I think both companies know this. Another year of this could end up hurting both companies in the long run so it is in everyone’s best interest to find some way to end this and focus more on winning consumers buy innovation. When two companies fight in court the ones that get hurt are the employees and the consumers.


3: Reviewer complaining about devices shipping with Android 2.3(Gingerbread) and Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich)

This is a no-brainier. Every year we go through this and every year I am confused by it. We are going to see devices with Android 4.0. And there is a good chance we will see some with Android 2.3. This is because these versions of the OS are stable and still full of great features. We tend to look at these devices in such a way that “if it isn’t running the latest it is bad.” Personally I think this is the wrong way to look at it. But hater gonna hate!


4: The death of the HVGA display

I think it is time HVGA goes away. There are some great HVGA panels out there(the one on the LG Motion 4G and Kyocera Rise come to mind). But still, WVGA will become the new HVGA.


5: A major re-haul of iOS

The writing is on the wall for this one. I think Apple will do a major re-haul of their mobile operating system. iOS has not really changed since it’s release in 2007. If you owned the first iPhone, somehow ended up in a coma, and woke up in 2012; you could jump into the iPhone 5 with no issue. That is a good and bad thing. Apple will innovate this year. If not, they will find their self in a bad position.


6: HDR Video

It’s kind of like HDR picture but a little more awesome. HDR video is basically a video captured at three different exposure levels and combines them to make one video. With the improvements in both mobile processors and cell phone camera sensors we will start seeing devices with the ability to shot HDR video in 2013. I think the Galaxy S4 will be one of the first devices we will see with this.


What do you think next year will bring? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

About Yossarian Norman

Yossarian Norman is a nerd. He knows it, everyone that knows him knows it, and now you know it. His love for technology was nurtured by his parent who did their best to indulge him as he collected phones, took them apart, and studied them. He has spent years learning and working with mobile phones and the ever changing mobile industry.

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