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Quick Bit: AT&T giving Samsung Galaxy Note & Skyrocket ICS for being so good



Sometime patients pays off. After months of waiting both the AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket and Galaxy Note will see Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Both phones will see features like Face Unlock, improved voice-to-text, data usage, and faster web browsing. But the Galaxy Note gets some added features thanks to its S Pen. S Memo sees an update; adding one-touch access. And S Note is added. Here is a list of feature you will get with S Note:


  • New productivity features include: Shape Match, which refines hand-drawn shapes – such as circle, square, lines and arrows; Formula Match, which recognizes and completes complex math formulas; and Knowledge Search, which enables the user to quickly research information from a hand-written note via Wolfram Alpha® database.
  • To help to professionalize communications, S Note provides templates for seven commonly used documents such as an idea note, travel notes, diary entry, meeting notes and recipes. An idea note not only captures ideas, it can record the creation process and replay it in the order it was developed. Meeting notes captures agenda items and attendees and will link the meeting to a calendar entry.
  • S Note also allows users to import and annotate a PDF file and convert dictated or hand written memos to text with the Continual Voice Input and Handwriting-to-Text features.


You will have to have Samsung’s Kies on your PC to update to ICS. If you don’t have it, grab it from here. I hope all you Skyrocket and Galaxy Note owners enjoy this update!


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