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First Impressions: LG Marquee(Boost Mobile/Sprint)



This was one of those that I thought would be coming but I did not see it landing on this carrier. The LG Marquee was once only starring on Sprint but now has made it debut on Boost Mobile. I honestly thought it would be Virgin Mobile grabbing up the US version of the LG Optimus Black. But I guess you can’t get them all right! Here are some of my first impressions of the latest member on Boost Mobile’s quickly growing Android line-up.


– This phone is sexy. Not since the Motorola Razr made its way to the hands on prepaid carriers(or carriers prepaid divisions) has there been a sexier prepaid phone. The phone is sleek and light. I am a little worried about this phone being able to take a fall so I can say without a doubt that I would get a case for this one. But you can always head to a Sprint store and grab one of those cool fashion cases.


– The capacitive buttons on this phone are pretty cool. Once you press them, the back-light changes from white to blue to indicate that you have touched them. It makes me wish Android phone did it.


– We I first saw the display I was like “okay, it’s nice”. But that’s all. See, the phone has a 4 inch NOVA IPS (In-plane Switching) display. So I was expecting to be wowed. Why wasn’t I? Well, I forget to do the most important this when trying to get a good feel of a display that is marketed as being ultra-bright. I did not turn up the brightness.  Seems like a silly thing to forget to do and I did feel rather silly after that accrued to me. Once I cranked to brightness to 11(well, 100%) I was a little more wowed by it. It is not only pretty bright but the details it shows arguably makes this one of my top 5 displays. 


– The LG Marquee is running Android 2.3.4. Like all of Boost Mobile’s line-up this is a stock version of Gingerbread. Well, mostly stock version. This is running Mobile ID; Boost Mobile’s version of Sprint ID. That means you can load different packs that include widgets and apps specific to the type on pack you download. I have noticed that the transitions between home panels seems a little off. By off, I mean not as smooth as I was expecting. 


– So far I am more than happy with the battery life. I have yet to put it through a heavy usage test. But during my light usage test I was able to get 1 day, 9 hours, and 4 minutes. And the battery was still at 60%. That gives me hope that it will be able to handle heavy usage.


Of course the full review of this phone is on its way. So remember to check back soon!

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