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The Weekly Thread | January 15th – January 21st


How did you enjoy a day without Wikipedia? I can tell you I didn’t. The site made a pretty persuasive protect against the now dead SOPA & PIPA bills. For those who don’t know the bill aimed to stop piracy and use of intellectual property by giving the government the right to do things like block search engines from directing people to your site, cut off funding by baring advertisers from doing business with site. It even went as far as blocking your site by ordering ISP to deny people access to it. The problem I see is  if your site or even a user on your site posted something that I company did not like ,you know like altering their logo to fit a the way they act or cleverly altering their trademark saying against them, they could ruin your lively hood. Companies like Wikipedia and Google protested this bill. Of course, Google did not stop working like Wikipedia did, they merely blacked out their sign in a sign of solidarity. Though I think that if they did that this bill would have been considered dead within 5 minutes of the world realizing that they could not use the search giant(especially as there’s a lot of phones that rely on Google’s services).


So on with some of the mobile news of the week!



– Virgin Mobile announced that starting March 23 they will throttle users data speeds once they pass the 2.5GB mark.



– ZTE and Ericsson ended their legal battles by signing a  global cross-licensing agreement. See, companies can work things out.



– The FCC says petitions to deny any of Verizon’s pending spectrum deals are due by February 21. Oppositions are due March 2.



– Singapore’s M1 now offers the iPhone 4 & 4S sans cameras. This MINDEF approved version will cost you a little more though.



– Sprint pushed an update to the EVO Design, EVO 4G and Epic 4G. Along with som bug fixes it gives CarrierIQ the boot.



– iBooks 2 hit the App Store on the 19th. with support for textbooks. So now you have an excess to have your phone out in class.



– Google Sky Maps when open source this week. Now the coders pwn the sky!



– The  European Union will give the Motorola/Google deal the yay or nay on February 13th



– AT&T’s  new data plan go into effect January 22. It will now cost $20 for 300MB, $30 for 3GB, and $50 for 5GB.



– If you are willing to go without the 16GB microSD card you can now get the Droid Razr for $200 on-contract.



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