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The Weekly Thread | November 27th – December 3rd


Welcome all to the Weekly Thread! I thought that in the beginning of this Weekly Thread I would spend sometime talking about double standards. The press release that AT&T issued in regards to the FCC’s findings on their filing to marge with T-Mobile made me thing about how to some people, it is perfectly fine for them to do something but the moment that someone else does the same thing they are outraged. Every time AT&T mentioned the merger that were quick to through out whole “4G to rural areas” argument. But they downplayed it would eliminate the only other GSM carrier on the US, that they could build out their 4G network without buying T-Mobile, and that doing so would cost them less than the 38 billion that play to spend on it. However, when the FCC picked to focus on the fact that the merger would cause job losses and higher prices, AT&T got up in arms about it.


It would be one thing if this was something someone from the company said in passing. It would still be a double standard but they went as far as making a press release basically saying “you should be ashamed of yourself for doing the same thing we did”. This makes it clean that their company policy is what’s good for the goose is not so for the gander.


Enough with that though. On to the thread!




– The Dell Venue Pro is finally getting updated to Windows Phone 7.5.



– Apple got the no-go on their preliminary injunction to block sales on some Samsung devices in the US.



– Sprint comes clean with consumers, says that some of thing devices do have CarrierIQ to  “monitor  network performance”.



– CarrierIQ wants you to know that they just make the software the carriers & manufacturers ask them to make.



– The FTC is being asked to look into CarrierIQ for possible violations of federal wiretap laws.



– Box makes some Android users really happy by offering 50GB of free cloud storage to those with LG Android phones.



– Just in time for the holidays Google Maps for Android was updated to version 6.0.  Now you can navigate through certain stores.



– Verizon’s Galaxy S phone; the Samsung Fascinate; got a treat of the ginger variety this week with it update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.



– AT&T outs the LG Nitro HD. THis is their 3rd LTE phone & has a 720p screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, & Android 2.3.5.



– In an attempt to keep citizens from sharing what going on with the rest of the world, Syria has banned the iPhone.



– Apple suggest ways Samsung devices can avoid their wrath including such jewels as “profile that aren’t thin” & “cluttered appearance”



–  Either the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket fell into a vat of bleach or the white version is coming out on December 4.




Picture of the Week

Happy Birthday Jay-Z!

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