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First Impression Video: Samsung Exhibit 2 4G



I wanted to post a video sharing some of my first impressions of the new Samsung Exhibit 2 4G coming to T-Mobile November 2. This phone will be available both on-contract and off-contract. They upgraded some of the features and made it to fit a nice price point. So after my first two days with it what do I think? Check out my video to see.



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Yossarian Norman is a nerd. He knows it, everyone that knows him knows it, and now you know it. His love for technology was nurtured by his parent who did their best to indulge him as he collected phones, took them apart, and studied them. He has spent years learning and working with mobile phones and the ever changing mobile industry.

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  • Guest

    How is the performance compared to Nexus S, myTouch 4g? They sell myTouch 4g  in Canada for $300 (340 with tax) but this seems to be a much better value for the price. 

    • The issue is that comparing it to those phones are like comparing apples to oranges. Sure they are both round and fruits but other than that their are major differences. The phone does not benchmark as high as the myTouch 4G despite having the same chipset. But I have had little to no performance issues so far. Every once in a while the screen is slow to respond(that normally happens when unlocking) but doesn’t last very long. Its kind of like it needs to wake up. The odd thing is that like Sense does on some phones the launcher will reset. Though unlike Sense a launcher reset on TouchWiz is more like a widget refresh. I think the built-in task manager it is what is helping it runs relativity smooth as it caches and kills programs that are not being used if it needs more powers.

      • Guest

        Thanks for your prompt reply. I was comparing the two because I’m in the market for a new smartphone and don’t have the money for expensive $500+ phones. My phone company does not offer any contracts either so I have to pay full up. The only two options is the myTouch 4g for $340 (incl tax) or the Exhibit II for ~$215 so I’m a little confused which one to go for. I hope you can mention the major differences between the Exhibit II and some of the differences in similar phones spec-wise  from last year (Nexus S, myTouch). Looking forward to your review.

  • Guest

    Some benchmarks like Quadrant would be great if you can do it!