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Motorola i940 may actually be the Motorola Admiral(UPDATE)



What is the Motorola Admiral? For a while now the thought has been that the Sprint QWERTY phone that was leaked a few weeks ago may be the Motorola Admiral. That phone will be the first Android phone to use Sprint Direct Connect service. However after going through some FCC documents I think there is a change that the Motorola i940 could be the Admiral. While going through the documents made available I noticed that Motorola refers to the i940 under the model name Admiral. The only other possibility I can think of is this is the phone that originally was to be called the Admiral. What I can tell you about the i940 so far is that is will be running on Sprint Nextel’s iDEN network. It will have a Freescale Zeus chipset, has a 5 mega pixel camera with flash, and that it is at the very least running Android 2.1. Like the Motorola i1 it will be using Opera as its default browser to optimize the web experience due to the slow data speeds on iDEN. If I were to guess I would have to say this will be hitting Boost Mobile. I only say that due to the fact that Sprint will be releasing phones running on Sprint Direct Connect soon. So it make sense to have this one hit Boost Mobile first; much like the i1. I will keep you informed about this as I do more research.


UPDATE: So I guess the Sprint Direct Connect QWERTY phone is the Admiral. Still have to wonder why the FCC paperwork has it listed as the Admiral, but like I said, maybe this USE to be the Admiral.



Source: FCC




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  • Te011

    The market name of this product is “i940” that is it.  It will only be available in South America, not sold in US at all. 

  • “It will only be available in South America, not sold in US at all. ”

    They said that about the Motorola i1 back in the day.  Back then, they said that the Motorola Opus One would ONLY be sold in Israel on their MIR iDEN network.  Funny, but 6 months later…the i1 was being sold by NII Holdings for their South American iDEN networks, by SouthernLINC and ultimately by SprintNextel itself.  My bet is that this i940 will be released onto SprintNextel (probably Boost first…which I still think is stupid) within the next 6 months.  I expect that it may be one of the last iDEN phones released for SprintNextel’s iDEN.  My bet is that SprintNextel will release the i940 and perhaps one more iDEN-only device, and then they’ll wait 18 months and shut down their iDEN network, and issue current iDEN subscribers vouchers to get $50 off of any Sprint CDMA phone that they want.  Personally, I think Sprint should offer any and all iDEN users at that point ANY phone that the user wants FOR FREE!  It’s a small price for Sprint to pay in order to keep what few iDEN subs it still has (about 7M users, both pre and post-paid).

  • TFF122

    lol its funny how people just jump to conclusions and assume random stuff “the admiral is actually the i940” ya ok. Just because there is a i940 suppose to come out and it doesnt release here in united states doesnt mean it automatically was the admiral. MIRS in israel got it a month ago and now mexico got it, i wouldnt be surprised like people stated here also will release for boost or nextel here in usa soon. 

    • Actually the article is titled “Motorola i940 MAY actually be the Motorola Admiral”. And that was not just some random conclusion I jumped to. It is based on the model name given to the FCC by Motorola. And like the article says, chances are the name was the one given to it by Motorola; not Sprint. But I thought it was interesting that a phone that was able to run on Sprint’s iDEN network, that –like the article says– in all likelihood would land on Boost(if it came to the US) had the model name Admiral.

  • Luckyme3105

    Hi, so is this phone actually available for Boost? I’ve seen it with Sprint but I don’t want the contract. Thanks in advance! =)

  • I don’t know if this phone was ever released but the Iden
    network will soon be a thing of the past in the USA! go figure after I paid the
    non contract price for a titanium since boost never sold it, now I will have a
    $400.00 paperweight, Boost had the nerve to offer me a complimentary CDMA phone
    and said it was refurbished? but when I got it I found a beat up piece of junk
    in the box worth $49.00 new that had a bad charger and a note saying it was
    as/is no returns! and there buy back program offered me $59.00 for my titanium.