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Rumor Mill: Sprint, the iPhone, and the Data Plan



Word on the Street has been that Sprint will be getting the iPhone 4 and the next iPhone. Both Sprint and Apple have declined to confirm or deny it so that have just fueled the rumor more. But the new part of this is that IF the iPhone does come to Sprint, we could see their unlimited data plan go the way of the dinosaurs. Though Sprint has been quick to point of that their data plans have not changed, the worry is that IF the iPhone hits the carrier the unlimited will go sometime after. It would not be the first time that this has happened seeing as Verizon did junk their unlimited plan within months of the iPhone 4 hitting their shelves. Though in Verizon’s defense, they planned to get rid of it anyway.


My Thought: IF this does happen, what I would feel a better idea would be making a iPhone plan that throttled data at about 2.5GB or higher. I know data  heavy users hate the word “throttle” but they also hate the word”overage” so throttling seems to be the lesser of two evil.  Seeing as Sprint is already going to be testing a high-speed data limited on Virgin Mobile come October, they could use it a way to see how throttling after 2.5GB would affect users. What I think would be a bad move is getting rid of the unlimited data plan all together.



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