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Sprint ad against AT&T/T-Mobile merger angers Transgender group

Sprint has made it known that they aren’t happy about the purposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. And they have had no problem saying it. But they may want to rethink the way they delivery that message:

Now, the ad is meant to poke fun at T-Mobile ads featuring model CarlyFoukles and the iconic dress that she wears in the ad. On the surface there is nothing wrong about the idea of creative advertising. And given the caption under the picture, the picture illustrated their point. Whats was the point? That no matter what AT&T and T-Mobile tries to say about the merger, it doesn’t change the fact that it means a mobile landscape were two companies control the market. However, the point was clouded by the anger some Transgender groups felt seeing a man dressed in a dress. The ad, which ran in the RollCall, National Journal Daily, Politico, and several other papers(some of which are in the hometowns of the members of the Senate committee who had a hearing today about the merger) was pulled. Sprint also released this statement:


“We believe the proposed transaction is really bad for consumers, the industry and the country,” a Sprint representative said. “We supported these efforts to get that message out broadly to consumers. We certainly apologize the material offended anyone. That was not our intent.”


The ad was not mean to offend people. But in the these times, you need to tread lightly and think when you do things like this. Your point can easily get lost in controversy.


Source: Consumerist

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  • Ghet Real

    If transgendered folks are bothered by this, then dress normally.
    nuff said.

  • Xan175

    People are getting offended by everything these days, its not this is the first ad/TV show/ movie with a man in a dress. When people get all mad over something dumb they need to just get ignored instead of getting publicity.