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The Weekly Thread | April 24th-April 30th

It’s the first of the month and time for the Weekly Thread! This week was a mix of good and bad for Apple & Verizon. They released 3 news phones. However, the plan was to release 4. And then there was the whole LTE network being down. Also Apple once again trying to play like they didn’t know something they clearly knew about was happening. I have to say to Apple “its always better to be truthful, lying getting you nothing but trouble in the long run.” I would like to think consumers can handle the truth and when you say one thing despite the fact the terms you make you users agree to say something totally different you aren’t don’t yourself any favors by lying. but on good Apple news the White iPhone 4 is finally here!!!! And like always I will sum up this and more of the weeks stories in 140 characters or less.


–  Barnes and Noble updates the Nook Color to Froyo. This gives the e-reader full flash, apps, and a e-mail client. Way to go Barnes & Noble!

– Verizon announces the HTC Incredible 2 when days of its releases. Comes with 4 inch SLCD, 1GHz processor and front-facing camera.

– Casio G-zOne Commando announced and released. A rugged Android device for those who are serious about being outdoors & tech savvy

–  Verizon’s 4G LTE network suffered a shutdown of service.  It lasted 24 hours but is back up and working now.

– Verizon delays the release of the 4G Droid Charger by Samsung. Most presume it was due to the LTE outage.

– Google Docs App now up on the Android Market. Gives you access to your saved docs and allows you to make now ones using camera.

– AT&T updates both the Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire. Now both have HSUPA!

– Android now has a native video chat app via Android 2.3.4 update. Video chat with user through Google Talk from their phone or computer

– The Google Nexus S 4G will be released May 8th for $199.99 on Sprint.

– FCC now allowing consumers to comment on the AT&T/T-Mobile merger through their ECFS.

– The White version of the iPhone 4 finally released on both AT&T and Verizon.

– Apple says its bugs causing the tracking issues. They only track Wi-Fi & cell sites to improve service. Term & conditions say otherwise.


– Fring releases update that gives users free four-way video chat. One more reason to just stay home as see you friends.


– Nokia Siemens now owe Motorola Solutions Network’s assets. Paid 975 million in cash. Just had it lying around.




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