• First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy S5

    First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy S5

    The Galaxy S Series has been one of the most decisive yet one of the most successful smartphone in t...

  • Moto G for Boost Mobile Review

    Moto G for Boost Mobile Review

    The Moto X was a shining achievement for Motorola and Google merger. The phone was awesome. I mean y...

  • First Impressions: Moto G for Boost Mobile

    First Impressions: Moto G for Boost Mobile

      When the Moto X was announced back in August of last year Motorola commented that soon they w...

  • LG G2 Review (International Version)

    LG G2 Review (International Version)

    Did LG just make the flagship to beat for 2013? Flagship devices kind of sets the tone for what a ma...

  • First Week With A iPhone: The Adjustment Period

    First Week With A iPhone: The Adjustment Period

      I’m a lot of things. I’m a tech blogger. I’m a consumer. But most of all, I...

First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 by Samsing

The Galaxy S Series has been one of the most decisive yet one of the most successful smartphone in the last few years. And now we have a new version to examine; the Galaxy S5. After months of waiting all major carriers have launched the “Next Big Thing.” So of course I had to pick one up to give you ... Read More »

BlackBerry and T-Mobile plan on parting ways. May make more sense than you think


BlackBerry announced that they will not renew their agreement with T-Mobile and the two would be parting ways as of April 25th. What does this mean and why did a company struggling to make it? Those are the questions. If you are already a T-Mobile customer who uses a BlackBerry at the moment this all means nothing. Both companies are promising ... Read More »

iOS 7.1 bug appears to allow you to make unwanted stock apps really disappear


    Let’s face it, either it be iOS or Android there is at least one stock app that you never use. But you can’t just delete these apps. If you are using an Android phone you can at least disable them but iOS user have been forced to hide these unused apps in a folder and try to ignore ... Read More »

The HTC One M8: details and release info

HTC One M8

  Today the long leaked HTC One M8 was unveiled. We already knew what it looked like thanks to tons and tons of leaked pictures and videos. That kind of takes some of the mystery out of everything but it is the nature of the beast. But all of the questions we had have been answered. And I will break ... Read More »

Quick Bit: T-Mobile starts Galaxy S5 pre-orders on March 24


  Fresh off the heels of AT&T announcing they will start taking pre-orders of the GS5 tomorrow another company has let the cat out the bag. This time its T-Mobile. The UNCarrier is giving customers the phone at zero down and 24 monthly payments of $27.50. That means the full price will end up being $660. This is an introductory ... Read More »

AT&T announces Galaxy S5 pricing; pre-order starts tomorrow


  Have you been waiting to find out when you can get your hands on the Galaxy S5? If you were planing to pick one up on AT&T then today I have some good news. The carrier announced pricing for the Galaxy S5 as well as Samsung’s new wearable lineup. Even better news is that you AT&T will be taking ... Read More »

Boost and Virgin Mobile getting serious about data-hungry customers; lowers throttled speeds

Have you ever read the old Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile Terms and Conditions? Among the thousands of words was use to be a simple statement; “unlimited does not mean unreasonable.” But back in 2012 both companies decided that throttling customers who exceeded a newly imposed limited of 2.5GB of 4G/3G data to speeds of 256Kbps. But starting May 16 ... Read More »

Google announces Android Wear

android wear

Like I said in my Year in Rearview; wearable tech is going to be huge this year. And of course that means we will see the major players in the mobile game making devices in this growing category. With that in mind Google has announced Android Wear. It looks to bring simplicity and quick information to wearable devices. Of course, ... Read More »

Quick Bit: Apple bring a 8GB iPhone 5c to select regions


The all plastic iPhone 5c has yet to gain the traction Apple was hoping it would in certain regions. So in a bid to make it a little more attractive the company announced a 8GB version that is available starting today. Not a thing has changed with the 5c other than an even more constrictive storage capacity and a lower ... Read More »

Sprint rebrands their own prepaid service


Sprint is pretty well-known for their prepaid efforts even if you their name isn’t directly attached. They are the owners of two of the most popular brands; Boost and Virgin Mobile. But it may surprise some to find out that they also had their own branded prepaid service for some time now. Today they announced that they would not only ... Read More »

Quick Bit: Moto G making its way to Republic Wireless


  The Moto G is popular among the tech savvy and consumers alike. And there is a reason for that. It offers a compelling blend of power and affordability. So it makes sense that low-cost carriers are looking at add it to their lineups. And the Moto G’s new home will be Republic Wireless. The carrier is known best for ... Read More »

Starbucks will soon let you show your Barista some appreciation from their mobile app

STARBUCKS COFFEE COMPANY - True North Blend™ Blonde Roast

I would like to think I am not the only user of the Starbucks mobile app that has run into this situation. You get your beverage and it is so delicious you feel like you need to go back to tip them to show your appreciation. Of course, you will need cash for that because you can’t tip from the ... Read More »